What is HUG?

HUG – the Hughes User Group – is the association of organizations that share a vested interest in the use and innovation of Hughes products, services and solutions. The annual HUG Conference brings together HUG members, prospective customers and end-users with Hughes executives and technologists to:

Gain Access – exchange ideas and hear from peers and leaders.
Exercise Influence – get involved and provide input directly to Hughes experts.
Be Inspired – gather ideas, strategies, and a new perspective.

Best of all, HUG is run by Hughes users, the very people who benefit most from this forum.
If you are responsible for running the network that runs your business, don’t miss your chance to accelerate your expertise and maximize your network, with Hughes

The HUG Board Members

Richard Morris
Lezley Lenz
Laura Hoskins
Board At-Large
Steve Davis
Joe Gallagher
Lynn Fletcher
Board At-Large

Frequently Asked Questions

The HUG was formed as a 501C non-profit organization in 1990 as a way for Hughes and the user community to communicate ideas and to collaborate on ways to make products and services better.

The HUG is a separate entity run by the elected board of HUG. Hughes supports the HUG with content and event services.

Membership in the HUG is open to employees of any organization with an interest in the use and success of Hughes products and services.

There are no dues or fees for membership

The annual HUG conference is an event where HUG members gather together to Talk, Listen and Learn together. This conference is open to all HUG members. The HUG also sponsors regular webinars that cover topics of interest to the HUG membership community. Dates and topics are listed on the website.

The annual conference brings together members, Hughes employees and a variety of industry experts to talk about trends and best practices. Together the audience is able to share experiences and learn from each other and the industry experts.

The value of HUG is based very much on your level of effort. If you take the time to get to know other members and establish relationships with them, you will have access to a wide range of experience and references. Also, the Hughes personnel that are involved with the HUG Conference and regular webinars are also available to you for brainstorming and idea sharing. Attending the conferences and the webinars will give you access to the industry knowledge and trends that are presented there.

The HUG has a board that is elected by the membership. The board serves for 2 years and elections are held at the annual conference. There is a president, vice president, secretary, engineering committee chair, installation & maintenance committee chair and 2 at large members. 

YES. Any employee who wants to be part of the HUG is welcome. The HUG provides content for technical and executive employees who are working with Hughes products and services.

NO. The contact information for HUG members is used only for communication about the HUG and Hughes. We do not rent, share or sell the list to anyone.