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Location Analytics Fuel Success in Next-Gen Store.

WIFI analytics tap into a wealth of customer data, Revealing clear behavior patterns that can supercharge your business.

Question: Customer profiling and analysis is a top area of analytic focus for retailers. How can location analytics help retailers discover clear customer behavior patterns?
Location analytics discretely observes an in-store customer to gather useful behavior patterns simply by sensing a visitor’s cell phone as they move though the store. This first level of location analytics is what we call Guest Presence. The shopper’s personal details aren’t known, but by applying a unique identifier to that visitor a Retailer can gather significant information about their customers. Some critical data points available from the Guest Presence analytics include store customer count by day and day-part, customer time in store, and volume of returning customers versus new customers.

The next level of detail, what we call Guest Insights, is triggered when a customer accesses the in-store Wi-Fi. Depending on how access is
granted, available customer information may include name, e-mail or phone number, gender, age, store loyalty info, and more.
Guest Insights provide greater detail regarding customer in-store movement such as dwell time and heat maps highlighting areas of interest and greater foot traffic. We can also identify which competitor sites are being visited, track price comparisons from those competitors, and show which social media platforms are being used by customers in the store, all offering great opportunities for advertising and promotional responses to those very same customers.

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