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Transforming New Hires Into Engaged Employees.

Question: Beyond teaching basic job functions to new associates, what does it take to bring employees into a retailer’s company culture, onboard them properly, and keep them engaged and current with company communications?
Teaching basic job functions is essential but it’s even more important to engage new employees by beginning a long-term two-way dialogue that lasts throughout their time in your organization. A critical first step is giving them an opportunity to learn first-hand about the culture and values of the organization. There are multiple ways to do this: engage them by providing them a peer mentor/ coach, introduce them to company communication tools (one-way communication), provide them an opportunity to engage in the conversation (two-way dialogue), ask them to talk about their experience, make changes based on their responses and repeat.

Question: How can retail technology help with this transition and create associates that are brand ambassadors?
Retail technology has become critical to onboarding and engaging new employees, and creating effective brand ambassadors. There are
two particularly important elements of effective employee communication: an easy-to-access delivery mechanism that reaches employees where they are, and content that will capture and hold attention. Today’s technologies deliver both. Retail employees are increasingly on the move — the lines between front- and back-of-house are blurred. And studies show the most effective format for memorable, attention-grabbing content is video. Technologies like breakroom TV and on-demand mobile devices deliver this kind of dynamic content in a convenient, easily accessible way.

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